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Sea kayaking offers a chance to visit remote coastlines in a way that was common hundreds of years ago. It also offers adventure - the physical challenge of covering miles by paddle power alone and the challenge of traveling on the sea with powerful storms, unsettled conditions along rugged coastlines accessile only by small boat.

Why go through this? To visit places seldom seen or even heard about. How about a 6th century Celtic Christian monastery on Ireland's west coast? Or ancient villiage sites where Haida totem poles still stand in British Columbia? Or remote fishing villiages on the Baltic Sea that are slowly disappearing. Hear about these places and many more.

Combine all of this together for a unique view of the past as well as the present. With his presentations, Sam takes you there in a story telling style that holds and entertains the audience.

About Sam
Sam is an international paddler, going to various places in the world visiting unique places. As an Amercian Canoe Association Advanced Open Water Coastal Kayaking Instructor, Sam is often found on the water when he is not traveling. Read more about Sam here.

Expedition Presentations